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Shanghai Genesis Chemical industry specializes in high performance coating distribution, technical service and consultation. The company has expanded its sales and service into the markets of marine, offshore, nuclear power, petrochemical processing, infrastructure, power industry, waste water treatment, and etc. As an important component of the world-known high performance protective coating cooperation-PPG Ameron Protective Coating in China, Genesis Chemical Industry has established agencies in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other significant cities in China.

PPG Ameron high Performance Coatings & Finishes Group manufactures and markets a broad line of high performance coatings, surfaces system and product finishes. Trade names include Amercoat, Amerlock, Amershield, Dimetcote, Nu-klad, and ABC. These products are protective and decorative coatings for steel and concrete structures, manufactures goods and commercial and industrial equipment.

Former Ameron Company originated as a California–based coatings company in the late 1930s and now has manufacturing in the USA, the Netherland, England, Australia and New Zealand, Subsidiaries, affiliates and licensees in twenty-three other countries around the world also manufacture Ameron’s coatings.

Specializing in advanced-technology products capable of cost-effectively delivering the high levels of protection demanded by the marketplace, Ameron has earned an international reputation as an innovative, ecologically concerned company, with products that meet or surpass the most stringent environmental and worker safety requirements.

In 1996, former Ameron Company acquired a worldwide competitive marine coatings business-DEVOE, making Ameron the largest supplier of high-performance marine and offshore coatings in the U.S. and greatly expanding Ameron sales and service network globally. In 1997, former Ameron Company and Valspar signed an acquisition agreement, with Ameron acquiring Valspar’s high-performance coatings business.

In 1998, former Ameron Company acquired the worldwide Croda Coatings business, including manufacturing plants and multiple distribution centers in England, Australia and New Zealand. Croda marketed products for OEMs of appliances, agricultural and construction equipment, wood and plastic products, and other durable goods. Through this acquisition, Ameron also acquired the Epok Tread, fast turn-around tile and screed systems, and Steelguard FM thin-film intumescents. 

Ameron’s key international high-performance coatings markets are power, oil & gas, petrochemical processing, marine, infrastructure, railroad, general manufacturing, pulp & paper, municipal waste & water treatment and OEM coatings.

Ameron has been an innovator.

In 1947, Ameron discovered the potential of inorganic zinc coatings and pioneered the first sprayable inorganic zinc primer (Dimetcote) for field application. Ameron went on to develop the first sprayable vinyl protective coating (Amercoat).

Then in the late 1970s came the Amerlock Series-surface-tolerant epoxy maintenance products available in a range of colors. These eliminated the need for abrasive blasting in many maintenance situations.

Following this, Amershield was developed in 1986. This is a high-build, high gloss, high solid polyurethane that combines impact and abrasion resistance with flexibility and color retention.
In 1978 Ameron obtained a patent that is the basis for all inorganic polysiloxane compositions (PSX) having high temperature and corrosion resistance. A 1981 patent dealt with the preparation of epoxy-polysiloxane hybrid system that enhanced the chemical, corrosion and weather resistance of the base epoxy. In 1993 a patent was issued for Ameron covering the processes for curing various siloxane, silicone and carbinol pre-polymers at low and room temperatures. Other patents have since been issued on the other PSX innovations.

PPG Introduction
In 2007, PPG acquired Ameron Coatings. And now Amercoat is one of PPG’s business units and continuing its prestige succeed.

PPG protective and marine coating is compromised of Sigma Coatings, Amercoat, PPG Keeler & Long, PPG high performance coatings and other well-known brands providing you with a broad product offering, distribution and knowledge